Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's Sweeter?

There are a lot of things in life that are sweet. Take my chocolate cake for example. It's sweet (and amazing.) A tub of puppies. So totally sweet. So sweet in fact, that I could eat them with a spoon - or just let them wallow all over me with their little puppy breath.

Geeze I love puppies.

A "fresh, hot, now" Krispy Kreme doughnut. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! An old married couple that still hold hands. Totally sweet.

But in all my years (all 30 of them,) I've never seen or heard anything sweeter than my little girl singing the words to one of her favorite songs all by herself.

"I'm different, different, different
Nobody's like me.
Different, different, different
And that's ok with me
Yeah, that's ok with me."

"When I was born they threw away the mold.
Now no one knows how my life will unfold.
I'm different, different, different
Nobody's like me.
Different, different, different
And that's ok with me
Yeah, that's ok with me."

"Born with ten toes or even born with nine
Where there is love then who I am is fine.
I'm different, different, different
Nobody's like me.
Different, different, different
And that's ok with me
Yeah, that's ok with me."

"Black, white or green
from parents rich or poor.
From boat on creek
in land of Singapore.
I'm different, different, different
Nobody's like me.
Different, different, different
And that's ok with me
Yeah, that's ok with me."

She was singing her little heart out this morning on the way to Sissy's. It almost made me tear up a little because she was singing with such excitement (and most of the time on pitch - atta girl!!!!)

Here's a picture of her singing this morning.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear John

Over the weekend we went to see the new movie, Dear John. Sarah is an avid reader of Nicolas Sparks and we pretty much go to any movie that has been made based on one of his novels. I hadn't read the book, therefore I thought the movie was going to be about a divorce.

You know, Dear John.......I'm leaving.....blah, blah,'s not you it's me......blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, I was wrong.

True to any Nicolas Sparks novel, I knew how to prepare myself. I knew there would be young (or old) love, a "honeymoon period," separation, possible death, a reuniting, a wedding perhaps?, South Carolina scenery and a lot of crying.

Let's say I got six out of eight - but I won't elaborate.

Channing Tatum. Hmmmmm, I kept telling Sarah that I felt like I actually knew him from somewhere. He played his part very convincingly - sortof a introverted, socially awkward military guy. Now perhaps I felt like I knew him because I used to live in a town with a couple Navy bases and near an Air Force base. Who knows. Let me just say this, I don't see poor Channing winning many Oscars in his day, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

And this Amanda person. The girl from Mama Mia! Ummmm, asking $7.5M per picture? Really? Seriously? I mean, more power to you, but wow.

So my overall opinion of the movie? Not bad.

The ending made me want to kill the lady in novelty sweater next to me. I think when the credits started rolling I said, "what???" like 15 times out loud. It was slightly annoying.

And by slightly I mean very.

It's a good date night movie. It won't change your life at all (not like Dumb and Dumber or anything), but it was a pretty good movie.

I give it three out of five.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nervous Much?

Listed below, please find things which currently make me very nervous:

1) Drunk people

2) Animals dressed as humans

3) Celery in potato salad

4) Today's youth

5) Interviews with Lady GaGa

6) the Olive Garden on a Saturday night

7) a telephone conversation with my mother which includes the phrase: "I found the cutest shoes at Sears."

8) the future of the "Pants on the Ground" man

9) any trip to Sam's with Sarah

10) Nancy Grace

The End.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pregnancy in Full Force

Sarah and I made our yearly eye appointments for this past Friday. I think I was actually a couple months late making mine to be honest. Because our appointments were at 930 am, I decided to take the entire day off as to not feel pressured to get back. We sent Celie over to Sissy's for the day because......well, just because.

****Could you imagine Celie inside the office of an EYE DOCTOR????? Every single display frame would have 1) been on her face. 2) been on the floor. 3) been in groups of likeness separated by color family. (she's a freak and yes, we know.)****

We both had good checkups. I'm was excited to get more contacts. I won't even tell you how old mine were, but I think I brushed some algae off of them that morning. My glasses were an entirely different story. I sorta felt like Steve Erkel in my old ones. Not to mention they were crooked, falling apart, completely scratched up and all in all a total disaster.

I'm happy to say that in two weeks I'll have a fresh, new pair that isn't reminiscent of something Danny Tanner wore on Full House.

Sarah also got new contacts and frames and after we dropped about $350 on all four, we were on our way. I can't decide if that was a good deal or if I was totally just screwed on my eye health. I mean, my contacts are for astigmatism and are historically very expensive. Two new glasses and two new sets of contacts for us for about $350 after insurance? Jury is still out.

We finished up our errands and had a nice lunch at the Bingo Palace....oh wait, I mean, Golden Corral. (Sorta the same thing, right?)

Golden Corral you say? What's up with that?

I normally, no, make that DESPISE buffets, but since I'm back on Weight Watchers, I knew exactly what I wanted to get for a very minimal amount of points. Not to mention their salad bar is one of the best I've ever had. So, that was what I ate for lunch: a delicious salad to start and then green beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, and baked chicken (skin off.)

And then I saw it.

The slider steak burger.




If you've ever eaten at the Golden Corral, you've more than likely had a yeast roll from there. That's what these little sliders were on - yeast rolls. AND they were made from steak. And I have to tell you, I took one bite of one and literally wanted to denounce Weight Watchers, rip all my clothes off and run around Golden Corral (of course, being careful to dodge all the walkers, jazzys and canes in the way - ouch!)

Could have been the best burger I've ever had one tiny bit of - and those are some big words my friend.

Or it could be that I was in denial about how good it really was since I'm back on the WW bandwagon.

Not sure.

Anyway, we got home and picked up Celie from Sissy's and came on home.

(I've totally neglected any content moderately related to the title of this post until now.)

So, as I was sitting there letting Celie wind down for the night, here's the conversation that occurred:

Sarah: "I think I need something sweet from the store."

Matthew: "OK, want me to go get you something?"

Sarah: "Yeah, I think so. I think I want a Klondike bar."

Matthew (intrigued): "Ummm, ok."

Sarah (beginning to salivate): "and a pack of those banana cream popsicles."

Matthew (dry heaving): "Ummm, ok."

Sarah (looking off into the distance): "And a value pak of the orange cream pops too."

Matthew (forcing an understanding smile): "Uh huh, ok. That's all very reasonable."

Sarah: "And some Golden Oreos too please."

Matthew: "Be back soon."

So I get back home with as much frozen dairy as a Schwan's truck (along with two movie selections) and I put everything away. We pop in movie #1, the updated, modernized version of "Fame." I wasn't sure about this choice but I will say the previews looked pretty good. And it was. Now, it wasn't great and my life would still be the same had I not watched it, but it was fine. A bunch of no-name young actors and some older seasoned ones too.

How can I confirm that Sarah is, in fact, pregnant?

During the last scene of Fame - simply a graduation scene - she's next to me crying like a baby. Like someone just beat her up on the playground. Like someone just hijacked her Schwan's truck. Like someone asked her to stop wearing her terrycloth, capri length, "house pants."

I was like, "How are you crying at this???" Her response was simple.....

"They m-m-m-made it, they f-f-f-f-finally made it."

And we're only at month 4.