Friday, August 28, 2009

This Week - As Boring As It's Been

Can I just ask…..”what in the sam hill has this week been about???”

I feel like I’ve been in la la land all week and yet, I’m not sure why. Such is my life.

Nothing major to talk about this week. Celie has, as usual, been a hoot; Sarah has managed to watch EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY video around The Cricut and cardmaking – (oh, in case you didn’t know, we’ll soon be operating a hallmark production factory out of our home.)

You see – I knew this was going to turn into a long story – Sarah decided to express her right to protest recently around card buying, as in, she’s not doing it anymore because they’re such a waste of money. And here’s the thing, anytime we have to buy cards for major events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day our mother and father’s birthdays, I’m always wandering around Target’s card section saying: “I hate these stupid cards.” And you know why? While I know there are people in the world who have had disconnected, estranged or difficult relationships with their parents, I have not. I mean, I live next door to them for crying out loud. I don’t want a card that reads:

“I know I don’t tell you enough for everything you’ve ever done for me, but now that I’m a grown-up and I understand just how much you gave, I can only say, from the very bottom of my heart, I love you mom.”

Well, I do tell mine “I love you” and I tell them sortof a lot. I know you can’t tell someone you love them too much…..or can you???? That’s not the point though; the point is, I want a card that says:

“Hey Mama – I love you more than anything! Happy Mother’s Day”


“To my wife who is my heart and my bestest friend in the whole wide world and the person I want to spend my whole life with – Happy Anniversary.”


“To my daughter who I love more than life itself, you make me laugh so hard because you’re such a little turd with a humongous personality and a complete joy to have around – Happy Birthday!”

Is that so hard? I don’t need a card to profess my newly realized love since I’ve had a distant and very difficult relationship with my mom and dad (whom I don’t even refer to as “mom and dad” – they are Mama and Daddy.) But my point is (and I promise I do have one), there are no simple cards. Well, there are, but they’re covered in glittery English roses with a morning tea scene in pink and green or a kayak with fly fishing tools overlooking a lake among the Rocky Mountains in brown and blue.

Not to mention they’re like $6.00 and if I’m giving a gift, I’d rather put the six bucks toward the gift and just make it a six dollar better gift.

So now Sarah is going to make her own.

Enough about that.

Tuesday was boring. I think we ate lunch at the Marina. It was lovely weather though. Wednesday, we ate Chinese food (which I thought was delicious since I haven’t had it in months, but Sarah hated it – as usual.) We ate dinner at church, or as I like to call it, “The Church House” and then I stayed for Children’s Choir and then my Adult Choir rehearsal.

That gives me another point to ramble on about. My choir.

I love those people. They worked so hard on Wednesday. They continue to grow and grow and grow. It’s so encouraging. They are really starting to produce such a professional sound. This makes me so excited for our Christmas musical we’re presenting on Dec. 20. “Everything Glorious” is the name and it is arranged and created by my musical/worship leader influence, Travis Cottrell. So none the less, Wednesday was good.

Thursday was pretty boring and here we are at Friday – praise the Lord.

I’m pretty sure we’re running to Panama City tomorrow. Not sure if it’s with or without Celie yet, but we’ll see. It depends on if MeMe loves Celie and actually wants to see her any. It’s all very questionable.

All right people – that’s all I got.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things I’ve Said to Myself Today

Today has been a day from…..well, yes. There. And while I don’t have anything exciting to really share with you about the weekend, other than it was nice and relaxing, I thought I would just post some things that I’ve actually said out loud to myself today. I hope you enjoy.

“I pray to Almighty God that Celie hates sports as much as I do.”

“Your life wouldn’t be so difficult if you realized that you’re not better than anyone else. You’re just a normal, run of the mill idiot trying to fool yourself. You’re sad.”

“Lord forgive me for saying that.”

“I love my daughter more than life, but her existence is not going to dictate mine.”

“I can order french fries today, right?”

“How do you not like mayonnaise?”

“Yeah, you know, I just don’t understand the skinny jean.”

“I can feel my blood pressure going up at this very moment, which is really weird because I don’t have blood pressure issues.”

“Yes, you’re right. I am a complete complicator.”

“You have a brain – I think – just try to use it…..just once…..for me…..for all of us…..just once.”

“There is a big difference is being a submissive wife and being a doormat.”

“There is a big difference in being a husband who leads your family and being a complete sexist, authoritarian.”

“You are no help to me today. Thank you for not helping. Have a great day.”

“Celebrities are a waste of time………..and matter.”

“Celie, do you want a baby sister or brother? Oh! You do???? Wait…….how do you even know what that means?????”

“You’re probably going to get malaria from these mosquito bites.”

“Is it really that bad if I have an obsession with good tuna salad?”