Saturday, March 22, 2008

Matthew I it or not (continued)

Ok, so I didn't want to leave you with just all the negatives. As promised, here are the things I love.

Things I LOVE:
  1. My wife Sarah
  2. our daughter Celie
  3. our puppy Lilly
  4. my families
  5. my friends
  6. cooking
  7. eating
  8. singing
  9. playing the piano
  10. my job
  11. my house
  12. organization
  13. my KitchenAid stand mixer
  14. Williams Sonoma
  15. Brooks Brothers
  16. Lacoste
  17. flip-flops
  18. honesty
  19. etiquette
  20. effective communication
  21. talking
  22. laughing
  23. hanging out
  24. relaxing
  25. traveling
  26. shopping
  27. humor
  28. wit
  29. the perfect blend of bitterness with sarcasm
  30. PF Chang
  31. sushi
  32. Fresh Market
  33. Publix
  34. bakery doughnuts
  35. integrity
  36. Food Network
  37. the Internet
  38. Christmas
  39. music
  40. pianos
  41. the paint color in our master bedroom - dill weed
  42. giving gifts
  43. receiving gifts
  44. Subway
  45. Chick-fil-a
  46. sweet tea
  47. seafood
  48. non-iron shirts
  49. watches
  50. good chicken salad
  51. color
  52. all things pumpkin
  53. anything monogrammed
  54. ice cream
  55. cheese
  56. BBQ
  57. cotton
  58. great customer service
  59. a nice hotel
  60. a good pen
  61. Hellmann's mayonnaise
  62. contact lenses
  63. email
  64. knowledge
  65. leadership
  66. pecans
  67. cashews
  68. almonds
  69. chocolate
  70. online banking
  71. direct deposit
  72. air conditioning
  73. respect
  74. dedication
  75. DVR
  76. college memories
  77. ice
  78. puppies
  79. recognition
  80. affirmation
  81. after Christmas sales
  82. good leather
  83. skymiles
  84. award show red carpet interviews
  85. granite countertops
  86. Viking ranges
  87. collard greens
  88. fried chicken
  89. cornbread
  90. good mattresses
  91. tight harmonies
  92. perfect pitch
  93. my santoku knife
  94. old hymns. can be my friend....I know you want to.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matthew I it or not

I have problems. Who doesn't? I have some serious problems.

For example, certain words make me mad. Not swear words (although those are tacky too), but just certain words. Let's take "agreiance". I believe the proper word is "agreement". When I hear people use this word, it makes me really mad.

Certain people make me mad. Have these people ever done anything to me? No. But the fact of who they are and what they're all about makes me mad. I know that I should clearly be seeing someone in the mental health profession, but I'm not. I just get irritated over the stupidest things.

So, for all my blog peeps, I have compiled a list of things I hate. I will soon create one of things I love, so keep coming back. Here we go.....

Things I HATE:
  1. curry
  2. being interrupted
  3. people who think they can sing really really well but can't
  4. old school mentality at work
  5. resistance to change
  6. parents who don't discipline
  7. children who don't listen
  8. people who don't think before they act
  9. teenagers who think their fewer than eighteen years on this earth entitle them to be: rude, arrogant, dramatic, needy, the center of attention, complainers, disrespectful and obnoxious to anyone they want
  10. stale bread
  11. bad produce
  12. disorganization
  13. backstabbers
  14. being taken advantage of
  15. people who want something for nothing
  16. people who think that being a republican means that you're wealthy and that's why they want to be one
  17. poor customer service
  18. poor cell coverage
  19. people who wear cobalt blue and black and still think it looks good
  20. people who can't use the correct plural version of the word sister-in-law (or any relative-in-law) public restrooms
  21. liars
  22. thick chunky shoes
  23. fax machines
  24. sweet-n-low
  25. complainers
  26. college kids who think they have people fooled when they come home for the weekend (WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE SLEEPING AROUND AND GETTING DRUNK EVERY NIGHT!)
  27. professional sports
  28. that denomination of Christianity who make their own signs and yell through a bull horn that "everyone is going to hell" at the intersections of red lights
  29. people who have to drink to have a good time
  30. novelty sweaters
  31. poor drivers
  32. cut-off jean shorts
  33. know it alls
  34. people who have too much saliva in their mouth
  35. pleated pants
  36. dirty floors
  37. dust
  38. clutter
  39. laziness
  40. people who lack initiative
  41. the weather channel
  42. obnoxious celebrities
  43. The View
  44. polyester
  45. Wal-Mart
  46. leased vehicles
  47. trendy baby names
  48. re-runs
  49. people who use the possessive tense for things they don't own
  50. copy-cats
  51. favoritism
  52. modern art
  53. cigarettes
  54. Target (another blog for another time - DON'T REGISTER THERE)
  55. Alltel
  56. people who "don't write" thank you notes
  57. dial-up Internet
  58. telemarketers (no, I don't want to re-finance my house)
  59. narrow minds
  60. "my way or no way" attitudes

Please comment me and leave me your references for mental health help. LOL!