Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy, whatever.

Let's talk about my day yesterday and then you can leave all the comments you want about what a wonderful and caring husband I am.

Obviously I went to work so I could totally stress out over "President" Obama's Broadband Stimulus Grant. Literally worked on that all day long. I went to lunch with a friend/co-worker (if we're speaking in terms of church work) and went back to work to stress out more.

Enlightening isn't it?

I picked up Inspector 59 about ten minutes after five. I try so hard to be at the day care right at five, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Oh, and if you're wondering who "Inspector 59" is, well....that's my daughter who can find the smallest, most minuscule piece of anything on the floor. It's gotten so bad, we have actually started vacuuming everyday, which is a crime unto its self. So anyway, we made it home and had to immediately take Lilly (or as Celie calls her: "lah-lah") outside to go potty.

As a side note - I think Celie (I59) is disturbed/intrigued/frightened/curious by watching Lilly go poop outside. She stares at her and becomes almost statue-like when it happens. I really hope she isn't trying to take cues from her. How gross would that be?

So, we finish up with all the business outside and Celie needs to go swing on MeMe's swing, which is next door. Off we go.....the long route no less. 119 degrees no less. Me, fully dressed in work attire no less. Lilly hassling like we've trudged through the Sahara for four days no less.

For my parent's house to only be 20 yards from us, it took about 10 minutes to get there. The Inspector, of course, had to pick up every pebble en route. Meanwhile, I'm about to give myself whiplash because I am looking left-to-right and back again for any sign of a snake that might dart out and attack us.

Now, I know what you're thinking.....why didn't we just take the short route? Oh, was that not what you were thinking? Were you really asking about the snake thing? Well, the answer is yes. I am 100% completely terrified of snakes. Do I think there are giant 16 foot anacondas lurking in the man-made, storm-water, drainage ditches that line our street? Yes.

We finally make it to the swing and we swang/swung/swinged...whatever....for about, oh I don't know, 37 seconds. Fun over! All three of us are completely saturated in sweat. Celie had to go knock on MeMe's door and when MeMe opened it, Celie darted in. Meanwhile, I have a dog on leash that is about to go ape over the fact that there are two other small dogs running around off-leash who really want to play with her. Add to all this excitement my mother's spastic colon and what do you have? That's right, total mental meltdown - for me.

Sarah gets home while we're still at MeMe's and after Celie gives MeMe about 16 sets of "fish kisses" we leave. Sarah met us outside and all was right with the world. We came in and stripped Celie down to diaper only so she could cool off and I started making a fabulous fresh marinara sauce for dinner.

So, dinner is almost done and Celie is winding down. By winding down, I mean, running around like a sprayed roach. Sarah finally puts her down, and we eat a lovely dinner. After that, I started cleaning up and Sarah started the dishes. THEN, because I'm such a great husband, I went and washed and cleaned out her car for her Girl's Day Out (which I have just learned via text message has cost me quite a bit of money). I even went so far to "bug and tar" the car, condition the leather with a cleaner that has the lovely aroma of oranges and even fill it full of gas.

Bring on your comments....

After all that, I even went so far as to clean all, well, a third, of her good jewelry because it was all disgusting - especially all the stuff that is worn everyday. Then she asked if I would swap our her purse (because that's important for a shopping trip) and I did that too.

That was my day in a nutshell. Now, I'm back at work, watching it rain off and on, flipping out over the stimulus grant, wishing I had not worn contacts today, and overusing my hand sanitizer.

The End.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Shmandom

Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of the “Christmas in July” promotional campaign? I mean, who came up with that and why did they think it worked? I’m telling you, if I see one more Santa and Christmas Tree advertising “our new, low, low prices,” I think I might puke.

I don’t know why this post started this way, but it did.

America has endured yet another celebrity casualty. Alexis Cohen. Name not ring a bell? Well, let me clarify. She was the auditioner from American Idol Seasons eight and nine. In season eight, upon dismissal of her judges table performance, she proceeded to give Simon the finger and basically use every swear word in the English language. In the South, that would be called getting “cussed out.” Then she came back in season nine, MUCH MORE refined and polished, but as she was dismissed again, gave the finger and walked out to the sound of about 1 million censor beeps. Apparently she was the victim of yet another hit and run. Tragic.


How does this make the news? Just curious.

In local news, we are in week four of no TV (I think.) I have to say, I haven’t missed it. Ok, that’s a lie. I have missed it. I have missed turning on the Food Network every Sunday afternoon and just watching as I drift off into my 1-hour power nap. But that’s about it. We did watch last night’s episode of the Next Food Network Star (just to get caught up), but that’s been it. I almost feel cleansed if you can imagine. Not to mention I’m so disinterested in any celebrity these days that I could care less.

Isn’t it weird that the general blue-collar population of America is the exact ones to place celebrities on their pedestals? We go see their movies, we buy their music, we wear their clothes, we make them multi-millionaires…..and for what? Last I checked my missed calls, Sandra Bullock hasn’t given me a call. And don’t you love it how they get all put-out with “normal people” want autographs and pictures? It’s such a twisted, bizarre circle of indulgence – one I’m glad to be over.

Sidenote – my daughter is completely a piece of work. She has to be one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met. Geeze, her personality…..I can’t even put it into words. She’s at a really fun place right now. Although we seem to be ultra-attached to mommy right now, hopefully that will end because this Sunday in the nursery is not going to be pretty.

This weekend was the same as last minus all the rain. We ate with our friends again. Chicken Marsala. Oh heavenly Lord, it was so good. These people are going to cause me to go back to my original weight. That’s right, and it’s all their fault!!!! They are strapping me to the chair, holding me at gun point and forcing me to eat delicious Chicken Marsala. These Friday nights are a blast and Celie is having a great time spending the night with MeMe and PaPa. Now, if you mention that she’s going over there, that’s all she says, “MeMe, PaPa, swing-swing.” Sortof like this morning. I told Sarah that I think she knows the days of the week because when she got up, she started saying, “MeMe, PaPa.” She’s like a Mina bird.

Yesterday was a jam-packed day at church or “at the church house” as I like to say. The choir and praise team was spot-on and sounded amazing. I’m so proud of how my groups are growing. Someone actually made the comment that it was unbelievable how much both groups have grown. So nice to hear. I couldn’t believe this past Wednesday night when I received two new choir members. So encouraging – not to mention, after one rehearsal, they sang with us on Sunday morning! Now that’s some enthusiasm.

Before I go, I want to give a review of a product. I’ve never done this before but have always wanted to. It’s a CD actually and It’s quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites.

Jesus Saves Live by Travis Cottrell. Oh my. I want to do a play by play of each track if I may.
1) To the King: Brilliant in every way. An amazing song to open. It’s very driving – almost like you feel like you’re marching in an army with Jesus – which I suppose we will at some point.

2) Hallelujah, God is Here: Another great song. Up-beat and catchy. The first time I listened to it I wasn’t to interested, but now I love it. Well, I like it a lot.

3) Our God Saves: A great “pop-ballad.” It’s a great message and a song that you can’t get tired of singing.

4) I Will Sing of My Redeemer: In true Travis style, he recreates this old hymn to be one of my favorites on the entire CD. I’ve sung “I Will Sing….” For a while now and never once has it occurred to me that it could be so melodical and moving. Love, love, love this track.

5) My Inheritance: A strong contender for my favorite song on the CD. Keep in mind, there are four songs fighting for this position, this just happens to be one of them. I am obsessed with the harmonies in this song. Obsessed! And I don’t even know why. A great song from start to finish. It moves so smoothly, especially for a 6/8, so singable and the words are so stirring.

6) Praise the King: Ummmm, ok. Just keeping it real. Not a fan. I think I’m annoyed by the soloist which I believe is Cindy Morgan. It’s repetitive and I just don’t get into it.

7) Do It Lord: Awesome song!! I was not a fan the first few times I listened to it. I think this opinion was generated from the rhythm. I love it. It’s a happy song.

8) Jesus Is the Lord: YUMMY! Um. I can’t even. It’s so good. The harmonies will blow you out of the water. The lyrics will blow you out of the water. It’s such a strong song. Love!

9) Mercy Seat: Whoever the soloist is on this song needs a raise. It’s not that I want to hear an entire CD of her, but this girl works it out on this song. A very “Travis” song. Almost eerie.

10) Beth Moore narrative:

11) I Am Persuaded: Um, I want to sing this song both with Travis’ praise team and in my own church. Love it! One of my favorites. A GREAT song.

12) Victory In Jesus: A GREAT recreation of this southern gospel great.

13) Jesus Saves: Words cannot express how much I love this song. This one is so singable. It’s fantastic in every way.

14) In Christ Alone: This is what we’ll be singing before, during and after the rapture. This song is mind-blowing and Travis’ arrangement makes me want to take back things I never said. U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E! Worth purchasing the entire CD for this one track. No joke.

So, all in all, please go buy this CD. Trust me, I have no affiliation with Travis Cottrell, I wish I did. If I did, I probably wouldn't have the job I do (which I'm very thankful for, by the way.)