Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simple Update

Just to let everyone know, I've moved on from myspace. I'm a Facebooker these days. Myspace was fun for a while, but part of me always felt like I was on some shady website and I kinda felt dirty about it. I've had a facebook account for quite some time, but never did much with it. So now I'm up and running with friends and everything. Sarah really convinced me to move on. I feel far more sophisticated using it - lol.

Nothing much to report today. Yesterday was our Lunch Club day. Every Wednesday, there's a group of us that meet for lunch. We typically eat on the porch of the TDC building. It's screened-in with ceiling fans, a restroom, a kitchen, WiFi Internet and it's overlooking our bay. It's been way too hot to eat outside the past few times so we've moved to Sarah and Amanda's conference room. We've been meeting for a while now, but now we've added a new element to the mix. Now, each person is responsible for making lunch on their week. We sorta started the trend by bringing pizza one time. Then Marcy reciprocated and brought pizza the next week. Amanda made a chicken spaghetti the next week and it's been a great rotation of fun ever since. Yesterday was our day again and I roasted some chicken and brought salad makings: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, croutons, craisens, pine nuts, cheese and homemade ranch dressing. It was yummy. Marcy decided to bring an appetizer and dessert of pretzel crisps, hummus and lemon cupcakes. She also brought our friend Suzanne. It's Marcy's week next week.

Marcy really isn't much of a cook (she says) so next weeks menu should be interesting. Marcy, if you're reading this, please do not bring potato soup. It's much too hot for soup. Amanda said that she's thinking about making a veggie lo mein for her next time. This is fun! It's fun conversation, healthy eating and friends. If you're local (in PSJ) and want to join us, you may submit an invitation request to: obviously, your request will be discussed among the Lunch Club and must receive a unanimous vote for acceptance - LOL. Upon acceptance, you will be given your lunch schedule.

Reality TV is alive and well at our house now that all the good shows are back. Now before you start being judgemental about our TV watching, please understand that we don't watch anything until Celie goes down for the night. Praise the Lord for DVR!!! Some of our favorites include: Flipping Out, Project Runway, My Life on the D-List, Shear Genius, Runs House, Tori and Dean and John and Kate Plus 8. Soon to be making a debut is: The Hills, Real World Challenge, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and American Idol.


Other than that, everything is going well at our house. Celie who is 5 months old is sitting up all on her own, eating well, teething (yuck), playing with things, putting everything in her mouth, laughing, being alert, using an abacus, learning her prepositions (and how not to end a sentence with one), learning fractions, and most importantly her chromatic scales. She is a busy bee and has been a hoot to watch learn and grow. Her eyes are starting to turn a different color from the green-grey they were. It appears that they will be brown - our little brown eye'd girl. Lord have mercy she's cute. Her hair seems like it is getting lighter. Not sure there. I can't wait until she can get her hair cut into a little bob!!!! maybe with a side bang? Not sure. I think it should stay short until it all grows in together. I'm not one of those parents who's like..."I can't cut her hair yet, sob, sob, sob."

I'll try to be a better updater - I promise.