Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weight Watchers Results - Week 5 (and some other stuff)

Before I jump into our weigh-in results for this week, I want to say thank you to those of you who left a comment about Celie's Easter dress. I know, it's a silly thing to do, but we wanted you to feel part of the process. According to the five comments I received, plus the five that Sarah received, it looks like most of you think she should wear the white dress. If you're just now reading, please scroll down and take a look at the dresses and still continue to leave your comments. I know that she's going to be so cute and funny regardless of what she wears (she was a hoot today, by the way).

So - our results for the week.

Sarah is a machine. She is steady, steady, steady. Slicing off another two pounds this week! YAY Sarah!!!! She's up to 12 pounds off total. She just started gym work this week and apparently took a class with a local trainer and I think she likened it to the bowels of hell - not sure, but I think that's what she called it. Something about almost passing out and puking all at the same time - sounds intriguing, no? I can't wait to see her results next week. She'll have had two complete weeks of gym work. I'm really excited for her.

By some miracle, I shaved off 6 pounds this week!!! My total is now 20 pounds off. I could not be more excited. I was really only expecting to lose a pound or two. Certainly not 6. My goal was just to hit the 15 pound mark tonight. I really can't believe it. I too have joined the gym. I'm not and probably won't be able to take any of the classes because they're on Wednesday nights. I have a choir to rehearse at 7:30. The classes start at 5:30. My mom has to be at her church at 5:00 because they do a puppet ministry and she's, well.....a puppet. So Miss Priss will have to be with me. Maybe we'll switch it up, who knows. I really want Sarah to go if she wants to go. Plus, I have this really really major anxiety that I may (loudly) pass gas while in one of these classes. I mean, how do you hide it? You know, if your walking with someone outside, you can do the infamous toot-n-walk. But in the class....there's someone directly behind (heehee) you. I would die. Actually, I would be forced to move away if that happened because I would be so embarrassed. I know we all toot. It's a normal bodily function, but you know, some people are just gassier than others. Oy.....

Today was the first day that there were actual people in the gym working out with us. Three other men. I have a feeling that I'm going to be given so much blog material from going here. You know all the different types of people that go to gyms. Nothing much to report today. One man was elderly, so he was no fun. Then one guy was super-fit and ONLY worked out on the free weights (you know these types). I just sorta stared at him, cursing him under my breath. Then there was this other guy in the ultra-tight sleeveless, triathlon-esque workout shirt and shorts that basically should have been underwear because they were so short.

Now, I am sorry, but I am just not comfortable enough with myself to wear shorts this short. They clearly had the built-in briefs (gross). Anyway, he was a card. No one spoke to each other which I thought was a little weird since the gym is so very small, oh so very high-end and nice, but very small. Oh, there is a story about a security guard, but I'll let Sarah tell it since it's really more her story to tell anyway.

So.....if anyone has any gym tips for me, please comment and leave them. I'm not a gym person, so any help will be appreciated. Are people really concerned about what you wear to the gym? I mean, I've been wearing old t-shirts and "play shorts" as I call them. They are actually running shorts that I cut the built-in briefs out (no thank you to the brief - especially the mesh built-in, but that's a blog all on it's own).

I have a Marketing Summit I have to attend with my company in May so I'm hoping to cross the 30 pound mark by then. I know it's a stretch and I'm sure I'm about to start a plateau, but we'll see. I need to look great for all these people, right?

Remember, leave your comments on any tips that might help me in the gym. It can be a great routine you discovered, a helpful organizational tip, tips on attire, anything at all. I can't wait to read them.


Hey peeps!

As you know, Easter is this Sunday. I love Easter Sunday. Always have. It's always such a great and beautiful day. I have some really great music prepared for our Sunday service and for our choir to perform. We're also taking communion. Easter means so much to believers - it's the day Christ arose from the grave!! YAY Christians!

It also means one more thing -


This is where we have a current dilemma. Celie's Easter dress. Sigh. We need your help. I need you to be quick and nimble (I go crazy when I hear a cymbal with a high-hat and a souped up tempo, I'm on a roll, time to go solo - sorry, I had no choice.)

Please give me your thoughts on which dress Celie should wear for Easter.

Option 1 - a lovely white Strasburg dress. It has about 6 different colored ribbons to tie around the waist. It's shown here in blue, but we also have: pink, white, ecru, lavender and yellow.



Option 2: A fun, plaid with a big skirt. It has all that stuff underneath that makes it poke out.



Just leave a comment (with a little justification on why you made your selection) and we'd be very grateful!

Happy Easter!