Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year, A New You!

I love this quote. Well, I love it in a, "this is the most ridiculously cheesy quote in the world" kinda way. It reminds me of something that Denise Austin would say. Remember her? The aerobic instructor extraordinaire that used to be on the discovery channel when that channel was so new? I remember her and the "revised" version of the Galloping Gourmet with Graham Kerr, I think his name was.


I truly can't believe it's 2009. Blows me away to really think about it. I was thinking about the New Year's celebration from the year 2000. This is such a funny story to me. I was living in Pensacola and hanging out with my dear friends Ash and Char. This was before I was married and way before anyone had children, well, we weren't 100% sold that Ash didn't have a kid somewhere - LOL - totally kidding Ash (partially). Anyway, this was the year of the "new millennium." The year all our computers were going to crash. The year we were supposed to go get all our money out of the banks and hide it in a hole in the backyard and stockpile our pantries with canned goods so we could live.

Didn't happen.

But what did happen was the biggest countdown in all of history. All I remember was watching the television and seeing all the "renowned" reporters stationed all over the world. Peter Jennings in Paris, Charlie Gibson in New York, Diane Sawyer in Tokyo, and then there was Connie Chung. God bless her. I remember her being a bit delirious during the telecast. I don't remember where she was stationed, but I just remember making this joke because they kept cutting back to different reporters and they were never ready for the shot. Like, the reporters were doing something else, talking to a stage hand, having their powder touched up. So my joke was that crazy Connie Chung gets the camera cut back to her and meanwhile she has just shoved a white powered doughnut into her mouth because she was starving and then her mouth is full and has white powdered sugar all over her face and clothes.

I remember us laughing so hard. Mainly because we were delirious. But also because that was a pretty funny joke..........right? I guess you had to have been there.

So 2009 is the year I'm going to loose weight. LOL, LOL, LOL. No seriously. I'm really going to try. My "resolution" is to drastically limit my intake of fast food. Please don't think I eat it all the time because I don't. But I think I eat it too much and I also think that the restaurants here are disgusting, so I'm not sure why I haven't stopped, but sometimes, there's just not a better option when you don't want to cook and clean up. So that's my resolution. No more fast food. Although, I don't consider Chick-fil-a fast food. I think it's actually manna from Heaven so I will continue to eat there. Mostly because I love the grilled sandwich and sweet tea. I know, I know, it's the drinks that kill you. Actually it's probably the chocolate cake I just ate that kills you. Have I ever mentioned that I 100% believe my grandmother is to blame for my size? She doesn't force feed me (well, sorta) but her food is so darn good. It actually makes me mad. Oh well.

Here are some things that I will NOT care or worry about in 2009:
  • How fat Oprah is
  • If Celie has a mysteriously-rare disease that we cannot detect
  • If someone gets mad at me for telling the truth
  • Celebrities
  • If my neighbor is cooking meth in their backyard (which we're convinced they are)
  • If Louis Vuitton has to file for Bankruptcy
  • That fact that we barely have any friends in Port St. Joe that we do stuff with
  • Oprah's thyroid
  • The "ladies" of The View
  • People who are self-centered
  • Gas Prices (only because I'm so over worrying about gas prices - worrying about gas prices is so 2008)

Things I am going to care and worry about in 2009:

  • My family (even more)
  • The happiness of people I love
  • My lawn (as much as I hate to say it - but this doesn't mean that I will necessarily tend to my lawn, perhaps I can employ someone)
  • My weight
  • My friends I love like family who don't live here
  • Reconnecting with old friends and making attempts to be involved with their lives because with some effort, there are great memories to be made (I mean, that's why we were friends in the first place).
  • Getting promoted
  • Developing my choir musically
  • Getting out of debt

I'm sure this list will change, but it's where I am as of today.

Wish me luck!!! (My mother would now say, "There's no such thing as luck!" although I think I actually heard her say "she was lucky" just the other day. Hmmmmmm).