Friday, March 12, 2010

A Good Read

I couldn't help but copy and post this from the incomparable Travis Cottrell:


There is always something next with God.

Listen to me: You have not been disqualified, overlooked or undergifted. You may be in a season of life where things seem questionable; maybe they even seem desolate..hopeless...over. Your circumstances may be trying to dictate to you that God has not come through, nor will He. But guess what? That is not true. It just isn't. Not only is it not true, but what actually is true is the very opposite. And if you will free Him up to be God in your life by giving Him your surrender, He will give you beauty for your ashes. Strength for your weakness. And He will turn things around more quickly than you can say MAYDAY.

Your gifts (or lack of) are a non-factor. Your geography? Not a factor. Your past? Only gonna feed into God's redemption, if you will let it.


You can leave a comment stating "I RECEIVE THAT" if you like.

Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Winner Is.....

By the way, when did they start saying, "and the winner is" as opposed to "and the Oscar goes to" at the Academy Awards???

Well, the people have spoken and the result is a resounding "yes" to keeping the blog up and going. I'd like to thank the people who left the 17 comments to encourage me to keep going. I have a strange feeling that there were a few anonymous comments from the same person, but I didn't specify any comment-leaving protocol in the rules.

So the blog stays on. Thank you for your support.

I'd like to transition you to the topic of the Academy Awards now because there's a few things that I'm dying to talk about. First of all, we always watch the Oscars. We're not those people that throw an Oscar party, because that would just be weird, but Sarah and I always watch together. We never make through the entire show though. For some reason, I thought they started at 8:00.

They didn't.

They started at 8:30. Not a big deal, right? We sat down and saw the network's coverage of the red carpet - which is always annoying to me. I mean, seriously. Who cares what they're wearing? It's not even their clothes!!! They BORROW them. Not to mention all the men look identical. It's the women who are out for blood.

Here's what the red carpet boils down to for me:
  1. Women in big dresses
  2. Big dresses they do not own
  3. Some women have really good taste
  4. Others do not
It cracks me up when they say "who" they're wearing for a plug. "So tell me Sarah Jessica Parker, who are you wearing tonight?" "Why this little frock just so happens to be Chanel." "Well you look lovely." "Thank you."

Why do they plug it? Because personally, I can't afford to buy Sarah a $30,000 evening gown. I mean if you're plugging cleaning products or iPods or something it's one thing. But these insanely expensive gowns? Who cares who it is?

Anyway, the point of all of this is to say that ABC's "official" coverage of the red carpet was a complete and total nightmare. It was hosted by some random dude, Sherri Shepherd from The View and, wait for it.......................Kathy Ireland.


I would actually start to feel my heart race when the cameras cut to her for a brief interview. I got so tense and nervous watching her head bobble around like a dashboard hula girl that I almost threw something at the TV. I think I would have rather watched Heidi Montag interview people with her new face.

I really want to know if Kath has ever been on TV or held a microphone or interacted with celebrities before. I'm not kidding when I say it was so horrible. I wish I could find a video clip but I can't. I just hope you saw it and was as painfully uncomfortable as I was.

On a personal note, we had a pretty low key weekend. We spent Saturday shopping with some friends in Destin sans children which was really nice. I would like to say thank you to my parents for watching Celie. They live next door to us and have always watched her whenever we needed them to. I'm so appreciative to them for that.

Did church yesterday which was great. I took the night off because we hosted a concert for a local guy who wants to jump-start is Christian music career. It was nice to not have to plan for that service and to just have a great family day at home.

There is one other thing I'd like to address to you all. In one of the comments, someone mentioned missing the "Weekly with Rhobie" IM conversations I would post. I'm sad to say that Rhobie no longer works with me and therefore, we only have email and phone conversations now. She got a great opportunity at a company closer to home with better pay. So, you probably won't see any of those posts ever again.

I have a feeling that the commenter was Spencer, another co-worker, who would already know this info, but in case it wasn't, there's your answer.

I'll talk to you all later in the week.