Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who Needs a Fan? I Do!

Let's start by me telling you that it's some kinda hot here in the late afternoon. I know this all too well because the ceiling fan in our living room "went out". I use quotes because I have no idea what happened to it, except it just stopped working. We have very high ceilings in our living room so the fan is a remote control. I bought specialty batteries, a new remote, turned the breaker on and off (not sure why) and even prayed for the fan....not the Baptist way, but the Pentacostal way. It was dead. Now, keep in mind that this is a $200 Hunter ceiling fan. This is not the type of thing I expected to happen to this fan - moreoever, I also didn't expect our electrican to charge me $50 to take if off the ceiling since my dad gives this man a lot of work - but I digress.

I called Lowes (our home improvement store of choice unless we're buying paint and we go to the Home Depot for Bher). They were helpful, as usual, but instructed me to call Hunter directly since the fan was over a year old. This to me was a bad sign. I mean, what are these people going to do? So....I do all my research and get the model number and everything. I call Hunter.

Now, as a note, when the electrician took the fan down, the entire inside we burned!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I am so terrified of house fire. Always have been. No, I don't live in a two-story house, it's single story, but still.

I call Hunter and was surprised that I actually had to hold because "all of our representatives were currently assisting other customers". I mean, how many people have ceiling fan problems? Or....how many people do they employ in the customer service department? Four? After I told him the story, here's what he said....."hmmmmmmm, ok well. I hope you're ok with me sending you another fan." Wha-wha-what? The only bad thing is that it's not the exact fan....I mean, it is, but the finish is a little off. What's more? They want me to send the old fan back to them and they're paying for the shipping cost.

Wowza.....Hunter has this customer service thing down pat. I received my new fan yesterday. Hopefully, it will be installed in the next few days.....praise the lord!

Peace out peeps!