Monday, August 31, 2009

Michael's Craft Supply Store

Dear Shirley P. (bitter employee of Michaels on 23rd Street in Panama City, FL)

I know it stinks working on Saturdays when the weather is nice and people are busy and out-and-about. I did for a really long time working retail with the Gap, so I get it. What I don't get, however, is how you have such a horrible, insufferable attitude.

I mean, typically, when I ask someone a question in a retail store like: "Hey, do you happen to have _____.", my expectation is one of the following answers:

1) "Actually, yes we do. It's over on aisle 5 next to the glue gun refills."
2) "I think so, let's go double check just to make sure."
3) "You know what, I think I just sold the last one to that lady over there."
4) "No, I'm sorry, we don't carry that product, but a great alternative is our ____."
5) "Hmmm, let me go look, although, I feel like we don't carry that."
6) "Actually, we don't carry it, but I think Hobby Lobby does."

What I don't expect is this answer:

1) "I don't know" (said in a very, I-can't-believe-you're-asking-me-to-give-you-my-liver kinda way.)

So, perhaps you should go work somewhere that doesn't require you to interact with humans, especially those of us who may have a question or two from time to time. Perhaps a morgue?

Though it's none of my business, I would try really hard to fix your attitude. I've developed a list of steps to take:

1) Try removing at least eight of the ten rings you're wearing on your fingers. Maybe you're just bloated and your fingers hurt so you're taking it out on us.
2) Perhaps some of the ten pounds of frosty-blue eye shadow fell into your eye. For future reference, I hear that natural shades don't sting as badly.
3) The ever-important set of keys on the plastic, stretchy, coil thing could be too tight on your arm and cutting off some of the circulation. I know that must smart. Try a carabiner that hooks onto your belt loop like all self-respecting retail associates.
4) Your headache (which is tension related no doubt) could probably be remedied by removing your glasses whose lenses could double as pasta bowls.
5) I understand your feet hurt. I understand Reebok was probably one of the premiere manufacturers of shoes, however, the double-velcro-around-the-ankles, solid white, no arch supports could be the cause of a lot of that. I recommend removing those.

While I realize once I discovered your disdain for human life, I probably caused you some unnecessary grief. For that, I wish to apologize. I apologize for:

1) Making you ring up my purchases as six separate transactions so I could use all six coupons, pay cash for some and debit, that I cancelled for credit so I could earn points from Tyndall Federal Credit Union, for others.
2) Making you walk two aisles over to unlock the sacred locked cabinet where all the "expensive" craft supplies are and then deciding that I didn't want it at the last minute.
3) Asking you if you had a specific product and it being such a complicated question that you had to use the intercom to ring for assistance. However, I can tell that you really enjoy using the intercom so you can spread your joy throughout the walls of Michaels.
4) Giving you grossly incorrect coins to make my change come back even more strange.
5) My daughter who apparently stole a .99 rubber stamp of a penguin holding an ice cream cone. Had I seen it before we got home, I would have gladly brought it back into the store and asked you to put it away for us.

I hope the next time we meet, you're in a better mood. Actually, the next time we meet, I hope you're standing on the double yellow lines.....I kid, I kid......sort of. I know that it's completely crazy that stores expect you to have a good attitude, so kudos to you for bucking that system!! Please understand that I only have the best intentions for you.

I wish you the best of luck and that promotion to floral arrangements!

Peace out!