Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekly With Rhobie - All About Coats

Once again, brace yourself for the brain typhoon that is our IM conversation....


Matthew: hi

Rhobie: hi

Matthew: what are you doing?

Rhobie: an honest answer?

Matthew: yes

Rhobie: well

Rhobie: I am looking at winter coats

Matthew: you know, I was just having a conversation with someone here about that

Rhobie: about me looking at winter coats?

Matthew: well, not you specifically

Matthew: although that could be a separate topic of conversation

Matthew: but how coats are "necessary accessories" for you people

Matthew: and how you have like 12 of them

Matthew: where we have like 1

Matthew: and hate wearing them

Rhobie: I love them

Rhobie: but

Rhobie: around here it’s part of your everyday winter outfit

Rhobie: for like 6 months of the year

Matthew: right

Rhobie: and it's what people see

Matthew: so they have to be cute

Rhobie: more so than the clothes underneath

Rhobie: right

Matthew: crazy

Rhobie: and I personally want to have more than 1 because I get bored

Rhobie: wearing the same one every day

Matthew: I mean, we don't wear the same shirt everyday

Matthew: at least I don't

Rhobie: I know!

Rhobie: so why should we wear the same coat every day

Matthew: so, what coat are you "needing" these days?

Rhobie: well I need a new ski jacket and I would also like a new casual wool jacket

Rhobie: I mean

Rhobie: I always have a need for more coats

Matthew: this is good

Matthew: it could be an article for a magazine

Matthew: do you have a trench?

Rhobie: yes - 2

Rhobie: tan and navy

Matthew: no winter white?

Rhobie: no I have a winter white wool coat now though

Matthew: well that's a relief

Rhobie: when you say trench I assume you mean like a fall coat for wearing when it is not freezing and might be raining

Matthew: um

Matthew: I don't mean like Sherlock Holmes

Matthew: I think I mean a modified trench, that's short and ties

Rhobie: yes

Rhobie: but canvas material (or whatever that stuff is)

Rhobie: not wool

Matthew: well, no

Matthew: I think I mean wool

Matthew: because traditional trench coat material makes me sad

Rhobie: lol

Rhobie: this is confusing

Rhobie: well I have 2 knee length wool coats

Rhobie: no

Rhobie: 3

Matthew: of course

Rhobie: 1 black, 1 winter white, 1 red

Matthew: those all sound nice

Rhobie: and 2 trenches (not wool and better for fall) tan, navy

Matthew: anything else?

Rhobie: 2 spring jackets - khaki and other is grey

Matthew: spring jacket = does not compute

Rhobie: 1 wool "short" jacket for casual winter wear

Rhobie: (which is why I need another)

Matthew: obviously

Rhobie: then

Rhobie: 1 Gortex rain coat

Matthew: that doesn't sound attractive at all

Rhobie: ugly

Matthew: but who's looking at you in the rain

Rhobie: true

Rhobie: then I have a Gortex ski jacket

Rhobie: needs to be replaced

Rhobie: it's old

Rhobie: and several fleeces that I wear underneath

Matthew: so you're really in the market for several coats/jackets

Rhobie: yes

Rhobie: always

Matthew: awesome

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Call Me Ty Pennington

Actually, don't call me Ty Pennington.

I mean, I suppose I could run around screaming at the top of my lungs while shirtless and sweating, but surely people would begin to think I was possessed by the devil or some other evil spirit.

Move that bus!!!!

LOL. That was funny for about two seconds and somehow I've hurt my own feelings.

Bless my heart.

But anyway, we've completed project #1 on our 2010 Home Projects To Be Completed task list. That project was converting a 1/4 bath into a walk-in pantry, or as I like to call it, my Butler's pantry.

No. It isn't a traditional butler's pantry, but it makes me feel special.

I've mentioned before that this "bathroom" consisted of just a toilet which was situated way too far from the wall. A waste of space in monumental proportions. So we decided to take it out and add shelves. See below.

Our 1/4 "bathroom." For those of you wondering, that lovely shade of yellow is Pismo Dunes by Behr. Notice the shiny TOTO toilet. (The name brand means nothing to me, I just enjoy that it's TOTO. I look at the name and read it out loud every time I go tee-tee in it. Except I've never used that specific toilet because there's always been too much stuff in there.)

Now, toilet removed with a lovely grey circle courtesy of Mize Plumbing.

Toilet removed with lovely grey circle and now vertical supports for shelving added courtesy of Coastal Craftsmen & Property Maintenance.

Actual shelving put in place courtesy of Matthew's Contracting Services with the guidance (and mind-changing) of Sarah's I-Have-The-Perfect-Place-And-Idea-For-That-Oh-Wait-I-Think-I-Want-It-Somewhere-Else Service.

Shelves in place, stocked with all the contents from under washer and dryer storage, and laundry shelving. It now looks totally different from our spending spree in Sam's this past weekend - I should have photographed it with all it's new stock. Oh well.

Total Project Cost - $300
Total Project Time - 1 day
Key Project Learnings - closet shelving isn't the greatest choice for heavy items. Either use pantry shelving (but that has the weird bracket system) or just buy more vertical supports for the drywall areas.)

Hope you enjoyed!