Friday, July 11, 2008

Joy to the World!

Breaking news.....I've posted a new blog entry. I'm sorry, I'm trying as best I can.

So I was sitting here reading The Traveling Turtle blog. There was a funny story on there about yard work and a snake. It made me laugh because I can remember it so well. It got me thinking about things that have happened to me that I can still laugh at today.

Sarah and I are usually laughing at something. Sometimes, we can get so tickled, that we start crying and can't say anything because we're laughing so hard. I also begin to sound like an 83-year old with emphysema....oh the wheezing.

Anyway, most of our "funny stories" involve Sarah's mother or Sarah's interaction with her mother. It's usually quite funny. Sarah's mom's name is Joy. She is a nurse by profession and a power-shopper by gift. She and Sarah's dad now live in Crestview, making a recent move from Orlando. That's where today's story took me back to.

Joy isn't the, how can I say, "best driver" and Sarah is kindof like a 75 year old in a 30 year old body - great combination for Orlando traffic huh? I get so cracked up thinking about all our shopping experiences in Orlando (and there were a lot) where Joy drove us. Sarah sat in the front seat of the car grabbing the hanger bar on the ceiling with her right hand, having a death grip on the center console with her left hand and pushing back with both of her feet so hard she almost broke the seat. All of this with her making groans of nausea, taking extreme gasps of air and screaming, "they're breaking, they're breaking, they're breaking!!!!" It was glorious!!!

We would reach our destination and Sarah would pour out of the car and onto the pavement of the mall parking lot. Meanwhile, Joy looks at her as if she's lost her mind. Of course, Joy sees nothing wrong with her driving skill and I must say, we have never been injured by her driving. Well....I think Sarah could tell a different story.

They have a great relationship and it's always really fun to hang out with them. Sarah usually tries to tell her mother how to do things, and Joy usually ignores her (much to my satisfaction). Another funny thing about Joy is her ability to create, what we now refer to affectionately as, "Joyisms". These are words or phrases that Joy says either completely incorrectly or pronounces them in a way that no one else can. Here's a sampling:

Say-Tahn-ic - this is used to replace the word, satanic. Now, I believe the only time this has been used is when she was telling Sarah as a child that her cabbage patch dolls were satanic and made her dispose of them. When Sarah re-tells this story, she uses a voice we call "the Kate voice". Kate being Kate from Days of our Lives.

Gwen Puh-trow - this is used to replace the celebrity name, Gweneth Paltrow.

William and Sanova - used in replace of the store Williams Sanoma (a favorite of all three of ours).

Guh-diva - used in replace of cadaver. Remember, she's a nurse and we were talking about her classes one evening when this came up. I thought they were cutting chocolates in one of her classes.

Rigamortis - used in replace of rigamarole - no explanation.

Josh Grow-Bahn - used when naming popular recording artist, Josh Groban.

This is just a small sampling of the fun we have laughing at her, errr, with her. It's a hoot. Joy and Phil and coming over this weekend to see sweet cheeky chong (Celie). I hope there are more Joyisms to add.

I'll keep you posted!