Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idolicious

American Idol.

The platform in which young adults hope that their dreams of becoming a mega-star of the music world will come true. It has worked for some:

Kelly Clarkson - get outta here. The first winner who has gone on to be a major player in the music industry. One of the greats in my opinion

Clay Aiken - although he didn't win, his second place finish has certainly no hurt his career (if that's what we're calling it these days). Annoying? Sure. Good singer? Yes. I think he's on Broadway now....which really makes more sense to me than anything else.

Fantasia Barrino - although her album didn't do the greatest in the top 40 charts, she apparently did great in R&B markets. I mean, she one a BET award for crying out loud. Cast as Celie in the Broadway production of The Color Purple, she sold out many crowds. Unfortunately, I think she's cracked out now and we won't hear from her again.

Carrie Underwood - my favorite idol to date. Do I listen to country music? No, I actually dislike it, but there's something about Miss Underwood that I am completely drawn to. Perhaps it's the perfect pitch and flawlessly perfect face she has.....who knows?

Chris Daughtery - mega mega star and only a third place finisher in idol.

So the question remains....who will take the title this year?

I don't know if you've been watching, but something is up with the show this year. Never in all my life have I seen idol be so Christiany. First, Dolly Parton's opening act is OBVIOUSLY Christian. I grew up in an Assembly of God church which is why I'm probably one of the few people who actually know the song, "Jesus On the Main Line". This is the song they performed....I was in complete shock. Then Dolly herself sang something about Jesus lifting her up. Let me stop here and just say how much I ADORE Dolly Parton. Then, as if I haven't been in shock up until now, on last nights episode, the top 8 sing Shout to the Lord (which has become the newest anthem of Christianity in my opinion. Floored is not even the word to say. I'm dumbfounded!!!!!

I can't believe all the references to Jesus I've hear on this show this year. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that they're referencing Jesus, I just find it very very very strange for a show like American Idol.

Could this be a marketing ploy? Perhaps. Would it surprise me? No. If it is a ploy does it make me angry a little? Sure. Either way, the top 8 sang a great arrangement of Shout to the Lord and I loved every minute of it. I specifically enjoyed how you could tell which of the top 8 actually knew the song (and Jesus) and those who did not. That kind of made me chuckle.

I've been correct with my predictions for five seasons of the show. I was NOT expecting Ruben to win. However, this year, I'm at a crossroads. I have no idea who's going to win. I mean, I know who I hope wins (David Archuletta or Brooke White) but has far as gauging the American people and who they're voting for, I'm totally lost.

I really hope it's not the uber cocky David Cook. Can I stop and ask what was with that white jacket? Anxiety attack or not, he drives me crazy. I expect Syeshia to go next. Although I feel like she's getting better and better, I don't think she's connecting with the crowd like she should. Can I also say how over the "Afro on the skinny, very pretty African American girl" I am? I feel like we've been seeing that for so long. They've tried to do different things with her hair, but it doesn't work. It turns out looking like a big hot frizzy mess. Same with Brooke's. That girl needs to straighten those bangs every night.

I don't have the energy to even talk about Kristy Lee Cook.

Carley Smithson makes me crazy the way her mouths contracts into the tightest weirdest position when she's trying to sing the high notes. And why always the sleeveless with her...we know you have that big ta too.

Well....that's my Idol rant. It's been brewing in me for sometime now. Just thought I would share.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Childcare warfare

Ok, so I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from a lady who may or may not want to keep Celie when Sarah returns to work. Her husband works with me and I hear him coming down the hall. This could be it people, the answer to our prayers......

Alas, it is not. She has declined the offer. She is a substitute teacher at the school (where she hasn't worked since Nov. - but whatever). I was really really hoping for this one. We're obviously back to square one. Ugh!

This is tricky. We don't need someone for the entire week, just two days. My mom is going to keep her the other three. Maybe that's the problem, people don't want to commit to only two days. Not sure what to do now......I guess we'll keep searching and praying about it.

I think if people were to see Celie they would change their tune.....wouldn't you want to keep the cutest girl in the entire world?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lilly's POV

I don't know that I've mentioned this before, but we have the world's cutest and sweetest dog. Her name is Lilly and she's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She's very full of herself and can be very bad at times. When I say very bad I mean, in a really funny and cute way but you can't let her know that what she just did is really funny because it's bad. That's her.....

So her adjustment to Celie has been a funny one. I was very nervous about it in the beginning. I never thought she would hurt know, the ferocious Cavalier, but I just didn't want her to be depressed at all.

It's really funny to watch her interact with Celie. Sarah swears that Lilly hates her, but I think differently. When Celie cries, Lilly looks so put out. You can actually hear her saying, "OMG, I don't know why you people brought that thing home. If you'd make her be quiet, I'd really appreciate it." If Celie is really hungry she cries pretty hard (as if she's never eaten) and Lilly runs around like a loon and finally goes under the ottoman until she stops, which happens to be at the very sight of a bottle.

Lilly has tried to be a bad girl and steal some of Celie's stuffed animals. That's partly my fault because I put all of Celie's animals in a basket on the a basket very similar to the one Lilly's toys are in located in our room. Additionally, one of Lilly's first loves is to take something stuffed and rip it to shreds and pull out all the stuffing all over the floor. Thankfully she doesn't eat the stuffing, but cleanup is a nightmare.

You can always tell when Lilly has something she shouldn't because she runs 90 miles per hour though the house like a crazy person. You can hear her claws on the wood floors running and running. This is a red flag and you should go find Lilly immediately to see what she has. It's usually a pair of someones underwear (guests are not excluded in this rule), but on a few occasions has been on of Celie's toys.

Celie has an activity mat that makes more sounds and lights that's enough to send anyone into an epileptic coma. Lilly discovered that there is a bird that, when pressed, squeaks. She now digs viciously at the bird making it squeak's so bad, but it's so funny. Not to mention that this mat is made of polyester so in addition to the squeak of the bird, you hear the swooshing of her "digging".

She still gets her special time with us. When Celie is sleeping, Lilly is very quick to jump into Sarah's lap and stay there until you physically move her. She also still sleeps with us. Celie does not and will not. Lilly has also become a monitor. I can tell that she performs these duties reluctantly, but it's so sweet. Celie was crying in her crib the other day while Sarah was sleeping. Lilly happened to be in her crate because I was leaving for church and she can't be trusted to be left unattended in the house. Lilly heard Celie and started barking and barking. I let her out of her crate and she ran to the nursery and then ran to where Sarah was sleeping (as if I couldn't hear her crying). She was so cute. She got a special present for being such a good big sister.

She's been lacking on getting her baths as of now. She is so stank! I'm hoping to give her one tonight....that's a whole other doggie race track through the house........