Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey everybody! Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Matthew and I am annoying for not posting since my Chinese music post (sorry, but that post makes me laugh every time I think about it.) The main reason for non-posting is because there’s really not been much post-worthy going on, so I thought that I would simply recap our weekend and possibly include a list of things that currently have me a little confused.

Let’s start with Friday. Same ol same. I went to work; Sarah went to Panama City to spend all my money (that’s right “all my money” because I have so much just lying around.) We planned a double-date night with two of our great friends that ended up like everything else we do with these people – we cook – we eat – we laugh really hard – and we do this while sitting at the dining room table. We planned to go to dinner and see a movie, but that was trumped by husband because he’d worked outside all day in the sweltering heat and didn’t feel like driving. I totally get that.

Well, I don’t “totally” get that – the part about working outside all day. Lord knows I would do it in order to put food on the table, but never ever as a self-directed “new career choice” for myself.

So, we ended up at our house with grilled pork loin, roasted potatoes and a salad. Delicious! Celie was originally supposed to spend the night with Meme and Papa (Sarah has now been “set free” from the demons of “Celie has to sleep under the same roof as me.”) Since we weren’t going out for the night, I thought, “Well, I suppose Celie doesn’t have to spend the night at my parents anymore.” So I thought I would call my mom and let her know.

Mistake number one.

Here’s how that conversation went down -

MeMe: “helloooooo?”

Matthew: “Hey, I was just calling to let you know that we’re staying in tonight so Celie doesn’t have to come over.”

MeMe: “Oh.”

Matthew: “Ummmm, is that ok?”

MeMe - : “Well, she’s not my child so there’s nothing I can do about it I guess.”

Matthew: “I mean, do you still want her to come over??”

MeMe: “Well, I was under the impression that I could keep her tonight.”

(do you see how my mother plays the victim card?)

Matthew: “Well, I don’t care if she comes over. Let me ask Sarah if she cares…..”

Sarah interrupting: “She can go!”

MeMe: “Good, because I fixed her some fried chicken, black-eyed peas and mashed potatoes.”

Matthew: “OK, then. See you in a few.”

Here’s the thing, I never ever want my parents to think we’re abusing their “next-door-neighborness” to watch Celie for us. I’ve told her before that she can always say no. She hasn’t yet, though.

So our friends came over and, as usual, we had a great time except for the fact that Husband enjoyed pointing out all the fixes I should do to the house. I mean, hello? Have we met? He was feeding right into Sarah’s plan. I almost think they had a conversation beforehand about everything he should mention: crown molding, tile backsplash, shoe moldings, blah blah blah.

The night ended at a normal hour (for once with these two….we typically end up talking for hours) and Sarah and I read ourselves to sleep.

Saturday – rain, rain, rain – I helped my mom at two of the houses my dad manages – rain, rain, rain – McDonald’s.

Sunday – rehearsal, church, lunch, nap, church, dinner, sleep. Let me just say how great our church worship services have been in the past two months. WOW! That Worship Leader should get a RAISE!!!! LOL. LOL. LOL. One of my praise team members (who clearly decided to stay out of God’s will and move away for college) came home and brought her guitar-playing boyfriend. I emailed him the music and he played in our band. Having two acoustic guitars – but two very different sounds – made a huge difference. It was awesome!

Have I mentioned that all the rain we’ve had has made my lawn resemble that of a rain forest? I suppose I could cut it today? Ugh. That’s such a weekend chore. Plus, I’m starting back at the gym tonight from my six-week hiatus. I really want to get 30 more pounds off. Ok, thirty might be pushing it, but at least 15 more.

This post has become much more lengthy than the original intention. It’s because of the MeMe conversation. Nonetheless, here is my list of things that have me currently confused. And by confused, I mean – irritated/confused/angry/confused

1. Made-up baby names in hopes of them sounding “super-trendy and oh-so-creative.” I won’t use real life examples, but I’m talking about names that people just make up. Sorta like: “Lorenasue” or adding “ly” at the end of normal names to make them just a little more special like: “Kendally,” “Morganly,”

2. The fact that our septic tank mound is half way removed, but the drain field was “hit” and now there are about 1 million styrofoam peanuts all over my yard.

3. The Verizon / Alltel merger. You call customer service one time and get one answer, call two minutes later and get a different answer to the same question.

4. Paula Abdul’s contract on American Idol. I don’t care if she’s there or not. Actually, I don’t care if any of them are there or not. The fact that Ryan Seacrest makes $15 million per year makes me want to puke.

5. The Universal Health Care Plan. President Obama is doing such a great job, huh?

6. Where to store all the baby things in our house that we no longer use: swing, exersaucer, bassinette, etc.

7. The world’s obsession with vampires and all the media that goes with it.

8. Mischa Barton, Victoria Beckham and Michael Jackson’s mother – who cares, who cares, who cares?

That’s all I got!