Friday, May 30, 2008

Fourteen Weeks and Counting

Rewind to February 23, 2008. Our daughter was born.

It has been fourteen weeks. SHE IS FOURTEEN WEEKS OLD!!! I can't even believe it. I was thinking back today of our life pre-Celie.

***TMI ALERT (for those of you who want to skip ahead)...I always remember wondering each month if Sarah was going to end up pregnant. Not in the "we're trying to" way, but in the "we're a happily married couple" way. I mean, for a long time, we knew we weren't ready to even start tyring. So every month I would go into panic mode thinking that this would be the month where we messed up somewhere and I would pray, "Please Lord, let Sarah get her period this month." Even the thought of us being pregnant made me nauseous. I just wanted it to be me, Sarah and Lilly...riding around in our convertible. It's so comical to think about now.....except that I'm even more nervous now about an accidental pregnancy.***

This baby changed our lives in so many ways. In the beginning, not all good. But wow, once we got in sync with her, she's just been a dream come true. She's so funny and totally full of herself. I'm sure I'm to blame for both of those.

She's kind of a beast too. I mean, this child is huge! Not fat, granted she's got some meat on those bones, specifically on her legs and her cute tummy and 6 chins, but she is so long. I mean, she's mostly wearing 6 month clothes. Her socks have to be 6-12 months or they fall off because they're too small. She's pulling herself up, rolling over everywhere, holding her bottle, it's crazy! I'm also clearly to blame for her advancement, lol. She's been such a joy.

The reason I started reminiscing in the first place is because our dear friends Patrick and Yvette just gave birth to their first son, Cooper (CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!). Sarah and I were talking about all the challenges that we faced being new parents. You really do a lot of learning and growing up in a very short period of time. I mean, we know exactly what they are feeling as new parents. As we were listening to some of their concerns, Sarah literally almost started crying because she could remember exactly what it felt like to be frustrated and thinking you didn't know what you were doing. You try to be so positive and optimistic, but it's hard sometimes - seriously.

I remember wanting to take Celie to the steps of a local church and just leave her. Seriously. I remember thinking..."If I leave her outside in her carrier, will she get hurt?" It's really a stressful time and it challenges you to your core. Prayer, Faith, Love, Support and Baby Wise got us through it all too. New parents, there is a possibility that you may want to kill, abandon, give away or even sell your's ok (I mean, don't really act on these feelings please - they're just emotions) it will pass...I promise and then you'll look back and think, what in the world was I complaining about...I love this baby so so so much that words aren't descriptive enough!!

Celie is a big smiler. She's loves it when I make her do the "superman". She just smiles and smiles and smiles. I think she actually made her first laugh today as well. I'm sure it was an accident, but it was really cute. She loves her food and she loves to sleep in a position we have now named "the bullet". On her tummy, hiney in the air, ankles locked together and arms and hands tucked underneath her. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Once she makes it to this position, you're golden - she's out for the night.

Some of the great things that our baby bible aka Baby Wise taught us, was scheduling. We don't have to rock her or coddle her or sway her to sleep. We just tell her good night and we love her and we'll see her when she gets up. Then we both kiss her and we lay her down and away she goes....bullet please! Sometimes she supermans herself for a minute, probably wondering where we're going. She's very nosey if I didn't mention of her MeMe's traits. Sometimes she also catapults herself onto her side in a pre-rollover mode. This has become our newest challenge. She's flipping herself over like she's workin' for the children and the rent is due tonight! Then she gets mad and wakes herself up and I go in and flip her back over and she's asleep in about 4 seconds (another of her daddy's traits). It's so funny.

She's also become very vocal. Sometimes to the point where I'm like...."Celie, seriously, I'm trying to watch TV." LOL. She's clearly a singer....probably a coloratura soprano. YUM. Her mommy wants her to do "whatever she's interested in." Not me, no sir. Piano and voice lessons for her until she's 20 thank you very much. LOL. Not really (maybe).

I have a feeling that cereal is about to come into play as well. She's started eating more and more bottle and taking shorter naps....this can only mean one thing - GROWTH! I feel it coming though. My mom asks us everyday how much she weighs. It's funny, my parents live next door to me and they both know I don't believe in having a scale in the house and they also know that we don't take her to the doctor everyday, but my mom just can't get over how much she's growing that I think she's just compelled to ask. I know my mom tried to measure her the other day because the measuring tape was out on the counter. LOL It's so funny.

Ah yes. It changes your life in so many ways. SO MANY WAYS. I can't even tell you. It's not all wonderful and I think people that tell you that everything was perfect with them is lying to you. Avoid these people at all costs and ask them where they're getting the crack they're smoking cause you need some too. It's a fun fun and fast roller coaster.

A ride you'll want to stay on for a really long time.......

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!'s been a while, I know. Sorry.

So Happy Memorial Day!!! I'm at home alone, well, Celie and Lilly are both here but both are sleeping (as usual). Sarah went off to the grocery store. We have NO food. We have literally eaten everything, which was our plan. I was so tired of buying all this food and us really not eating it down. All that's left is some couscous and canned tomatoes. Can't do much with that.

So what's going on with me, you ask? I'll tell you.

First of all, I hate Hunter. The fan company that is. Remember a couple posts ago I talked about our fan not working, blah blah blah? So yes, Hunter replaced it with the identical fan just in a different finish. I called the electrician, he came and installed it, fan working, life is good. Fast forward 4 stopped working. Can you even freaking believe it????? It will not turn on. On one of the days when my mom was watching Celie, she called Sarah and was like, the fan just stopped working. I was livid. So, once again, I call Hunter and ask them..."is it normal for your remote control fans to be complete crap?" The rep gave me her token "I see no recall on them." So I went on to say how annoying this was and that I've paid an electrician twice because of their stupid fans so now what??? She's sending me a new "receiver". Which I'm sure is just going to go out again. we look online, EVERYONE has problems with Hunter's remote fans. I just don't understand. What is happening???? We can create cars that run off of pureed corn, but we can't make a basic remote control work? The rep was so irritating too. I asked what would happen with the new receiver didn't work either and she was like..."you'll call me back so we can trouble shoot." ANNOYING. So, fanless and waiting on a new receiver. I'm going to the website right after this post to write about it.

What else is going on.........oh yes, my yard is looking spectacular!!! Minus a few areas of need (on top of septic tank and behind the house on the ditch side). My dad is supposed to fix all that today with his tractor. We'll see how that goes. He tends to "forget" he tells me he'll help and Lord knows I can't operate a tractor. OMG....I actually hear the tractor coming down my driveway right now!!! I can't believe it. Ok, I take everything I just said back. I'm going to hop up now and confirm that this is, in fact, his tractor. Please hold.........

Well, it is. I'm so happy. Yea for my dad and his follow-up!

What else what else. Oh yes, how could I forget this. I was about three minutes away from killing both employees in the Carlyle & Co. jewelery store yesterday. TWO EMPLOYEES on Memorial Day weekend. And this is a really really nice store - I was impressed. Again, please reference a post or so ago and you'll remember that I bought Sarah a new watch for Mother's Day/Birthday/Anniversary. So we went to get a link taken out of it. We waited for 45 minutes!!!!! One employee was selling 2 - Tag Heuer's and 1 - Rolex all to the same man so there was NO WAY she was helping us. I mean, the Lord himself would have had to be standing there for her to even notice us, and even then, I wonder. She was so far up this guy's butt it wasn't even funny. Both his sons had just graduated from college (Tags) and it was the wife's 60th birthday (Rolex). Meanwhile the other sales guy was too busy confusing himself. There was an "REV" marking on the price tag of one of the Tag Heuer's and he told the customer that it was a refurbished watch. A REFURBISHED TAG HEUER in a full retail higher-end jewelery store!!!!!!!! I couldn't even believe what I was hearing. I actually said out loud, "it doesn't mean it's refurbished, it means it's on sale and the price has been REVised." How do I know this you ask? well, both Tag's I've purchased have both been on sale....that's why.

No one could even stop and ask us if we needed to see something, have something cleaned, link....that's all we needed. Speaking of....that's another company I should write. Finally we got the link taken out. So annoying. SO COMPLETELY ANNOYING.

Let me think if there's something else going on........I think that's it. We're just going to hang out today. No big plans. I'm hoping to pull some more weeds and hopefully fill some of the larger pot holes in the driveway - don't ask. Just going to take it easy and be thankful we're not a work. Well, if I have anything eventful happen, I'll post about it tomorrow (maybe).

Please remember our active military and veterans today. Without them, we wouldn't have the freedoms that we so often take for granted. Thank you to all our past and present military for all you've done, all you're doing, and all you will do.

Happy Memorial Day!