Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Shots

10:30 AM. Celie's first shots at the pediatrician's office.

We knew this probably wasn't going to be a day-o-fun. I was nervous and so was Sarah. Celie was so happy today, smiling at us all the time, playing with her bunny....***sidebar, "bunny" is an actual bunny rabbit, well, not actual like a living bunny, but a stuffed animal bunny that hangs from her overhead mirror in her papazan bouncy seat. She LOVES this bunny. At times we think she loves this bunny more than she loves us, but that's a different post.***

All I could think about was how this day was going to end up. Post shots that is. I had basically worked myself up to the point of nausea, which is great. So we go in, talk to the Dr. who says that Celie looked great to her. She weighed in at just under 13 pounds, 23.5 inches long and an equally large head, but proportional to her body, THANK GOD.

As we talked, we discussed SIDS, Autism, Chicken Pox, Celie's legs, spitting up (which Celie has only done about 4 times her entire life), sitting up, tummy time and introducing food to the formula (not now of course). Let me stop and say how terrified I am of SIDS. It's the craziest thing. You see, Celie sleeps on her stomach (gasp and call the department of children and families) and so the very thought of that terrifies me. So after learning that Celie was in the 90th percentile for her size, it was time for the shots.

The nurse came in and Sarah immediately left the building - literally. I laid Celie down and the next thing I know the nurse is telling me to pin her arms down. HUH???? I'm like, what is about to go down here? So I do it and I see three, seemingly gigantic needles come out and into my sweet baby's legs. She looked at me in complete panic. One second she's smiling at me and the next screaming. I felt so bad because I couldn't warn her. I knew it was coming and she didn't and that's not fair. She had no idea what was about to happen. Then she screamed for about 21 seconds and I immediately grabbed her up while restraining my own tears.

She eventually calmed down and went to her mommy. She went straight to sleep when she got home. I'm hoping that her little legs aren't sore or bruised or that she doesn't get a fever. How can something that's supposedly so good for you be so bad?

I don't want to relive that again, but I know I will in about two more months.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Road Trip and Homecoming

A week ago today, Sarah, Celie and I left for our first road trip. We went to stay with Sarah's parents. Her mom (a nurse) had the weekend off, which is rare, so we decided to go stay with them and do some shopping in Destin. Unfortunately, my work life decided to erupt on Wednesday afternoon so Sarah decided to leave without me and I would meet up with them at the Holy place that is PF Chang.

Let me first tell you this. I am a worrier. I tend to work myself up over how members of my family are feeling and I like to make sure everyone is ok. For example, I wonder if Sarah and Celie are having a good day. I worry if my Grandmother gets sick. I worry how my parents are feeling. Stuff like that. If you're not related to me or "like family" to me, I probably am not going to worry about you as much. No offense, but it's just how I work.

With that said, I was completely worried about Celie this entire trip. I worried how she was going to do with a three hour car ride. I worried if she was going to sleep ok. I worried if she was going to be harassed by the cats that live at Sarah's parent's house. I worried so much that I gave myself a fever blister within the course of 12 hours. UNBELIEVABLE! And it was all for nothing.

Celie was a bit fussy on the car ride over. You see, Sarah had her first postpartum Dr. appointment (she's already lost all her baby weight plus 15 pounds, thank you very much!). So Celie basically cried the entire time there and the way to Destin, but once she got to the house, she was sleeping though the night. She did so well the entire trip. I was so proud of her!

I left on Saturday because I have commitments at our church and Sarah decided to stay to have a change of scenery. Of course, I thought that this meant that she was secretly trying to leave me, so I called her on Monday morning at 6:30 (AM) and asked her if that was the case. it wasn't. Whew. She told me that Celie was really talking up a storm. By talking I mean, babbling and cooing. She is really becoming aware of a lot: her feet, hands, arms, toots, everything.

They were on their way home this morning. I've been at home alone (well, with Lilly) since Saturday night. I thought it was going to be a nice break. It wasn't. I found myself missing both Sarah and Celie really badly. I obsessively called her all the time just "checking in" - and of course to make sure she wasn't leaving me.

I'll be headed home in a little bit to see them both. I can't wait!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Congratulations!! I have my first offense!


Sorry for the delay in a new post. Please stop sending me emails and calling me because you need a new post! Okay, so no one has done that, but I like to feel like people actually read and NEED the blog. According to my counter, 315 reads have happened. Of course, probably 314 of them are me, but whatever.

In my last post (American Idolicious) I apparently offended a Claymate (middle-aged, female followers/worshippers of Clay Aiken). Trust me, this was not my intention. I am not a fan of Clay, simply based on personal preference. He's totally lame to me and looks like a figure from a wax museum. I simply made a comment about his "career" and boy oh boy did this person let me have it. I was accosted for not doing my research, for being close-minded and other things. I have to say, I was almost peeing on myself because I was laughing so hard that someone gets so worked up about Clay. I'm actually laughing about it now.

I can't really figure out what "list" celeb he actually is. I mean, he's clearly not A-list. He's probably not even B-list (who really is B-list? Mario Lopez? nah, he's definitely C-list. I guess a B-lister would be closer to William Shatner or Keanu Reeves, but I digress). I think what's so funny is that I can just see myself getting all worked up over William Shatner and defending ol' Bills career reputation.

Nonetheless, this is my blog. I will say whatever I want to say. If I don't want to do my research, I'm not gonna. So, please don't take offense if I insult one of your celebrity gods. It's not personal, but come on, Clay Aiken deserves to be ridiculed!

To all the Claymates, I apologize for the spike in your blood pressure that day. I'm sure Clay will go on to bigger and better things and he'll be around for many more years to come for your enjoyment. I bet we'll see him hosting a gameshow at some point.