Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How I Get My Work Day Started

With really, really, deep conversation.

This particular IM conversation started at about 8:10 am.

Rhobie is my co-worker in New York State.


Matthew: i hate it when I buy a can of mixed nuts

Matthew: and they're mostly peanuts

Rhobie: you and I would be a good pair

Rhobie: I like the peanuts

Rhobie: and hate the rest

Rhobie: hate mixed nuts

Matthew: really???

Rhobie: yes

Matthew: I love the cashews

Matthew: and almonds

Rhobie: oh I like almonds

Rhobie: they are ok

Matthew: I LOVE them

Rhobie: I prefer to dip them in peanut butter though

Rhobie: i do not like cashews unless they are covered in chocolate

Matthew: REALLY???

Matthew: I am amazed by that statement

Rhobie: yes

Rhobie: really

Matthew: what about the brazil nut?

Rhobie: i guess they are ok

Rhobie: I kinda like those

Matthew: I love the texture of those

Rhobie: yes I know exactly what you mean

Matthew: the hazelnuts I could do without

Rhobie: oh I like those

Rhobie: what else is in there

Matthew: omg

Matthew: so really

Matthew: you like everything but cashews

Rhobie: yeah...

Rhobie: I guess

Rhobie: I will avoid cashews at all costs in a mixed nut container

Rhobie: the others I will eat

Rhobie: reluctantly

Rhobie: except for peanuts and almonds

Rhobie: but also - I dont like salt on my nuts

Rhobie: except for on the peanuts

Matthew: really

Matthew: no salt at all?

Matthew: I get the "lightly salted" ones

Matthew: I can't do the overly salted ones

Matthew: they're way too salty

Rhobie: that might be ok....although I really don't like salt on the other nuts

Matthew: well

Matthew: this has been great

Matthew: oh

Matthew: do you like the pecans

Rhobie: only candied in a salad

Matthew: I love nuts in salad

Rhobie: ME TOO

Rhobie: I think that's where they belong

Matthew: in brownies?

Rhobie: yes

Rhobie: love

Rhobie: but tom hates

Matthew: period or just in brownies?

Rhobie: he hates them in brownies and breads and cookies

It's like a brain trust, wouldn't you say?