Sunday, June 8, 2008

What the Hail?


So, it's Sunday. Today has been pretty relaxing day. We had church, and then left for lunch. We ate with my grandmother today with the rest of the family. It was nice. We had the standard fried chicken with all the things you have with that. It was a nice time.

We were on our way home and we noticed it was starting to rain, which is a rarity now. I was so excited because I knew I wasn't going to have to water my grass - which is such a cumbersome chore. It's one of those things where you love it when your yard looks great, but you hate all the work it takes. Sometimes I love doing it, others times I wish I had a big pebble yard with no grass or landscaping.

So we get home and it is officially raining. Hooray! But it gets really dark and thunder begins along with lightning. All of a sudden hail begins pouring from the sky. I mean, it was everywhere. If I'd had some strawberry syrup, I could have gone outside with a cup and made a heavenly snow cone. I of course, thought that we were about to be pummeled by a tornado. Our satellite was out so I couldn't turn on the TV, so we ran to our trusty Internet and found that it was just a summer storm. No warnings or watches - whew.

Celie has been off schedule most of today as she always is on Sundays and I just knew that the extremely loud thunder was going to keep her up. Nope. She slept right through it. Our puppy on the other hand was going freak crazy. I feel bad for her as she is terrified of storms. Not sure why. So I'm trying to comfort her while fighting my urge to go pick up hail from outside and not get electrocuted all at the same time.

Tomorrow begins another work week. I have a ton to accomplish this week. We'll see how it goes. I have some friends coming into town this week. Should be in late Wednesday afternoon and leaving on Sunday I believe. They are moving to Mobile from Boston. It will be fun having them closer.

I don't know of anything exciting that's going to happen this week, but if it does, I'll be sure to keep you up on it.

I know this was an uneventful blog...sorry.