Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm officially convinced that no one reads this blog anymore because of my inability to update properly. I just don't have time. I apologize.

I don't blog much about Celie. I leave that to Sarah's blog (which should receive some Mommy of the Year award for her creating a virtual journal and photo album of our first year with Celie). She really does an awesome job with it and I know we'll look back and be so thankful that she took the time to do it the way she does.

Most of our best friends (you know, the ones who you consider family) have never even met Celie in person. All they've had to go on is, again, Sarah's blog. I know they're thankful. They haven't met her because really, they're all self-serving, egotistical, monsters who should be destroyed. Or maybe it's because they all live at least five hours away and out of state? I haven't decided. For this reason, and the fact that Celie is turning one on the 23rd of this month, I am going to document or outline where Celie gets certain traits and habits. Our friends will definitely be able to vouch for the accuracy of these. Let's begin!

  1. Celie loves to be the center of attention or the star of the show - obviously a trait of mine.
  2. Celie loves her table food - this one is debatable, but I'm much more passionate about food than Sarah.
  3. Celie wants her cake and wants to eat it - a loving trait from her Mother
  4. Celie is a lover of dogs, big dogs actually - a gift from her Daddy.
  5. When Celie is hungry, her mood can alter very quickly - Mommy dearest.
  6. Celie loves, I mean LOVES shoes and accessories - Mama Mia, please help my wallet.
  7. Celie has a great sense of humor - I'll say this one is a tie (but really it's from me).
  8. Celie is Miss Independent - this would be the category of the pageant she would win if we put her in pageants, which we never will because I think that is sick and weird and the adults are crazy and it sorta makes me want to kill myself - This independence comes from Mommy.
  9. Celie can sleep through a hurricane - you're welcome.
  10. Celie is a big talker and by talker I mean, carries on conversations with: the crib, her bears, her life-size Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, her lotion bottle, her wipes - you get it the idea - this is a Mommy trait (always ready with a question - mommy gets this trait from her own father)
  11. Celie loves super-girly clothes - OK, not really. Mommy loves Celie to be in super-girly and super cute clothes which is all she has thanks to Grammy and a little store called Gymboree and the Gymbuck. Daddy just wanted her to have a collection of Strasburg (which she does).
  12. In the two times she hasn't felt well in her life, she likes to be comforted by her Mommy - also a Mommy trait.
  13. Celie loves to Decoupage - HA! Oh wait, Celie's Mommy loves to decoupage. Actually, I'm surprised we actually own things that aren't decoupaged. I tell you, If Sarah covers one more thing in paper or fabric, I don't know what I'll do. It's like she's an addict and the only way to get her fix is to cover something in paper. Watch out Lilly, you may be the next victim.
  14. Celie LOVES LOVES LOVES music - a shared trait from Mommy and Daddy.
  15. Celie loves to dance (also known as gyrating) - DADDY!!!!
  16. Celie knows no fear - I'm actually not sure where she gets this unless all babies are like this which I don't think they are because I've known some not-so-fearless babies. Anyway, since Sarah and I should probably be on medication from the amount of things we're scared of, she must get this from her Papa - who actually just tries to talk a big game about things, but I'm convinced he's scared of things....specifically animals.
  17. Celie loves to dust and wash dishes - oh wait, once she's 13 she will.
  18. Celie loves to go and see and do - Mommy all the way!
  19. Celie loves for the inside of her ear to be scratched - so does Mommy, actually, both of them can be put in a trance if you being a Q-tip close enough to each of them. It's sorta like flipping over an alligator and rubbing it's belly.
  20. Celie loves aggressively seasoned food - MOMMY!!! (don't let her near garlic or red pepper if you value your bowels.)

So this is a list to celebrate who Celie is at almost one year old. What a hoot she is! So funny, so playful, so sweet. I think we'll keep her.