Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Quote to Share

I have found yet another fantastic quote that I MUST share with you:

"Obama came out last week and began to compare himself to Sarah... notice how that quickly went away, what a mistake! I think the real issue is that the other side must keep the focus off their own candidate. If everyone knew that their candidate has failed at about everything except running a campaign it would be catastrophic for them. Most of his “community outreach projects” have failed or are failing. As a student at Harvard he was never published. As a professor in Chicago he was never published. He voted “present” 127 times instead of taking a position (over 50% of the time) in the Illinois State senate. Overall, this candidate has sponsored 65 bills but passed ZERO, and cosponsored 364 with only 5 being passed. His motto is change but has failed to demonstrate competence at each step to his present position. Sarah Palin could be the only one on the ticket and would still have demonstrated more credential than Obama. Sorry if this is harsh but I am seriously looking for a concrete metric to support his popularity and come up with nothing."

- Ashley E. Fuller, Genius.