Friday, January 30, 2009

More Facebook Fun

Ok, so I totally did the Facebook 25 things incorrectly. I was supposed to write 25 things about me, not 25 things I was thinking. So here they are:

1. I'm difficult to read/know/understand/befriend
2. People typically know where they stand with me
3. I thank God everyday for Chick-fil-a
4. I am the worship leader at my church - shout out to LABC
5. I believe sarcasm is an art
6. If syndication was a drug, I'd be in rehab
7. Music is my passion. Let me rephrase that, good music is my passion
8. People who sing all raspy, breathy and strained make me want to kill myself
9. I have two brands of clothing in my closet - that's it, just two
10. There are two princesses who live with me and I love them more than anything in the whole world
11. I love my family more than I can describe
12. People who passionate about sporting teams to which they have no true affiliation other than regional geography make me sad
13. My work life is ABSURDLY stressful......but I sorta love it
14. I wish I enjoyed reading. I don't. I try. But I can't.
15. I miss my real friends so badly
16. I miss my singing buddies in Pensacola almost as badly
17. You could pour the cheese dip from Cactus Flower all over me for my own enjoyment and my only comment would be, "do you have more chips?"
18. If you're not prepared to hear the truth, by all means, don't ask me if it makes you look fat
19. I love our house and I love that Sarah has perfectly orchestrated it into a home
20. I am terrified by all reptile/amphibians and can cause a great amount of harm to those near me if I spot one
21. Thinking about climbing a ladder gives me diarrhea cramps
22. You can always read my mind by looking at my face
23. Sarah and I have the most fun together - we love to laugh. Well, I love to laugh at her. Her, not so much.
24. Celie has infinitely changed our lives for the better, but dang girl, mommy and daddy don't always want to read "Good Night Gorilla."
25. I am the best/most skilled auto backer-outer.

Ok, well, I still may not have done this correctly. Perhaps I never will. That's ok, happy reading.

Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Thoughts

I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be fun to do. Listed below are 25 random thoughts of mine:

  1. Golden Oreos have changed my life.
  2. Self-serving people make me sick.
  3. I'm still proud to be an American.
  4. I'm truly sorry for all the people at work who recently lost their jobs. We've been there and we know how it feels.
  5. Most expensive inauguration to date - how's that for economic stimulation?
  6. I'm pretty sure that if I won the lottery I would buy every TV infomercial product.
  7. Why do people take the liberty of shortening your name without asking?
  8. I want to sit in the middle of a tub of puppies.
  9. Do you ever watch the Duggar's on TLC - I am mesmerized and confused and sad and interested and irritated .
  10. Exercise is overrated - unless you're fat - like me.....I want cake.
  11. Why am I addicted to making bread....actually, why am I addicted to doughs in general?
  12. I need to swiffer the floors, but I really don't want to tonight.
  13. I will be 30 years old in March. Sorta feels weird. Not in the bad way, just now I feel like I'm really an adult.
  14. Kate Gosselin, please, please, please - another hairstyle?
  15. I miss the days of church orchestra, then I realize how grateful I am for my Praise Band.
  16. I cannot eat at Peppers for a really long time - hi there, meet my friend, the toilet.
  17. Sarah has finally reached the point where she has started crying because Celie is almost one. I try to be supportive, but it still makes me laugh.
  18. Celie is a mess. She is divalicious.
  19. Why do I watch A&E's Intervention? It doesn't always end well.
  20. I need new work shoes - a brown and a black, just not on the same shoe.
  21. I'm pretty sure I can eat my weight in bacon.
  22. Giada De Laurentiis makes me want to blow my brains out.
  23. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.......ha, kidding
  24. I wish I didn't have a yard to maintain.
  25. Dust is an instrument of the devil.