Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Update

OMG - Suzanne keeps bugging me about updating my blog. I think she's an addict who goes through withdrawals if I don't keep a completely updated blog for her. I bet when she gets into work she immediately starts drooling wanting her next fix of Sevenminuteicing and then she gets here and, as usual, it's not updated. Then she probably goes into a mad, British rage - swearing and throwing things and then leaves me nasty comments about updating.

Then I bet she calls Marcy over at TDC and then they have gripe-fest over my blog. You see, Marcy is also very addicted to my blog. I bet Marcy walks out onto the porch of her ivory tower and yells over to Suzanne, "Can you believe he hasn't updated today?" Meanwhile, Suzanne starts texting Alma, who only wants to ever eat at Peppers which is surprising because Alma always completely offends the staff there because she refuses to speak Spanish to them. They just look at her like, "Ummm, aren't you going to say gracias?" but she doesn't. Then they walk away angry. I think she enjoys hurting them. Her excuse is something about only having "white girls" in her classes in school. So apparently if you're around Alma and you're white, you make it impossible for her to speak Spanish. I guess white girls are like kryptonite to her.

I'm obviously kidding about all of this (except for Suzanne's addiction). Although we all are going to Peppers today, so I'll report back if Alma speaks the Spanish to them! I bet she doesn't and ticks them off again.

So, if you follow Sarah's blog as so many people do, you know that we took Celie to her 9 month check up. She's doing great. She's obviously going to model once she's 13 (just like Miss Tyra) because she's so tall - and gorgeous. Anyway, her ears looked perfect (no ear infections to date -yay!). She's obviously developing at a faster rate than most commoners - lol. Have I mentioned how chatty she is? I'm telling you, once this baby gets going, there's no shutting her up. Now she's not saying words like "serendipity" or anything, but she is a communicator!!! I'm so glad that we've almost gone an entire year and she hasn't been sick yet. She had a slight little cold a couple months ago, but I'm not classifying that as "sick". We are fortunate for her great health - and guess what - she was only breast fed for 3 months. I know SEVERAL 100% breast-fed babies who are ALWAYS, ALWAYS sick. ALWAYS. So whatever La Leche League!

Dr. Curry (our wonderful pediatrician - seriously, we love this woman) commented on what a great disposition Celie has. I'm glad other people recognize that. Of course as parents you think you're child is the best, cutest, smartest, happiest, easiest child of all - but typically in reality, that's not the case. So I'm glad that other people think Celie is so well-mannered and happy. Not to mention she's ADORABLE!

I'm moving on to a different subject now

I'm going to list some random weird things, just informative points, that have been in my mind recently:
  1. Just because I have a baby now still doesn't make me interested in yours. There seems to be some unwritten rule that once you have a baby, all you do is talk baby and want to see other babies. Yeah, not me. I could still care less about your baby. No offense, of course, just keepin it real.
  2. Stay At Home Mom seems to be a buzz-word these days. We've been watching a lot of TLC for some reason and I swear every other phrase is "stay at home mom". If I hear it again, I might kill myself. I have nothing against stay at homers. My mother was one, as is my best friend, but good lord. Yes, it's a hard job where there's rarely any downtime, but I think it's almost harder to be a working mom. I'll say that it's definitely harder emotionally. So, if you're a TLC producer reading this blog, can we focus a little less on the SAHM phrase? Thanks.
  3. We've had some great financial things happen this month. I'm not bragging, but I'm very very very thankful for them.
  4. I really want to get "a lot" of money for Christmas (a lot is defined as $300 - $400) because I'm dying to spend it all in Brooks Brothers.
  5. Celie is really funny
  6. I can't wait for my grandmothers to see their Christmas present from us.
  7. I really want to loose 75 pounds.
  8. I really want chocolate cake.
  9. or some Tirmisu.
  10. Please pray for the Christmas musical at LABC on Dec 21. It's such great music, I want the choir to be in tip top voice for it. We only have 2 more rehearsals and I need it to all fall into place.
  11. I only planned a couple of Christmas songs for this Sunday's service - get over it.
  12. I'd give my eye teeth for some of my Mammaw's fried shrimp or shrimp salad.
  13. I've recently become addicted to making breads. If you have a breadmaker you never use, please give it to me.
  14. I want to build a new house.
  15. I want a black Yamaha upright piano.
  16. I'm cold.
  17. I love the color yellow.
  18. I don't know why I get so concerned with the "real" friendships of TV show casts - it hurts my feelings sometimes to know they don't get along.
  19. I had BBQ last night and it set me free.
  20. I kinda what another puppy.

That's all for now.