Monday, August 17, 2009

To My Two Readers........I'm Sorry

Greetings from planet Procrastinoria!

So here's the deal......I'm going to ramble on this post. Leave now if that makes you angry.

I was out of town on business last week. Let's stop and talk about how much harder that is with an eighteen month old. Since Sarah has to be at work at 7:00, I always get Celie up and ready each morning. With me gone, not the case. It made things a lot more difficult than the normal cookie-cutter routine. This trip also concreted a list of things that I'd forgotten I hated so much, so thank you business trip for keeping things in perspective for me. Please continue to read below for a list of things I hate, that I forgot I did, but now remember how much I do:

1) Delta Airlines
2) Heartsfield-Jackson International Airport - and I don't want to hear you people say, "but people watching is the best there" "it's the best people watching spot in the South." NO IT ISN'T. It's the grossest place in the South and it's not relaxing. There are exactly 4.9 million people in the airport at one time and 25% of them speak English. Of that, only 12% speak English you can understand. So, airport at ATL, go away. Go away forever and never come back.
3) Airline seats not in an exit row
4) Pilots who love to not run the AC when it's 115 degrees outside - you guys ROCK!
5) a $2.00 bag of peanut m&m's - same size as the standard bag, but for some reason, all proceeds from the sale of concessions on board an airplane are directly tied to Obama's health care plan.
6) Travelers who try to stuff their 19 pound "carry-on" in the overhead compartment
7) The lack of "oomphf" with which the flight attendants now deliver their on board messaging around seat belts and oxygen masks. Come on ladies!!!! er......and gentlemen.

Moving on......

My trip was great fun. Great fun = no sleep, bad food, a 24 hour virus and nine hours of presentations. Although, it was great fun to see my fellow co-workers!!! The amigos were reunited. The entire team had a great time together. We're so fun.

And funny.

And smart-funny.


So I got back home late Thursday night. Celie took a while warming back up to me. She's in fifth gear at this point, so nothing to worry about now. Friday she was like, "ummmm, excuse me sir. May I ask who you are and why you're in my room? Oh wait, you look vaguely familiar. Oh yes, humpty!!! You're in one of my books!!! Oh wait, you're not humpty! My mom never does that to humpty!!!!!! Oh lord what's happening???? My mom is kissing humpty!!!!!"

But by Sunday she was more like, "Dada!!!! I love you dada. Your my most favorite parent. I think you're awesome and the sweater vest you wore for your presentation at work really scored some points in the office!!!"

By the way, I made chicken stir-fry with brown rice tonight for dinner and it was scrumptious!!

Aren't friendships funny? Some grow stronger, others weaker, some come in and out. They're constantly moving and changing. (Can you tell I had a lot of free time on the plane?)

Whitney Houston has a new CD coming out. Yikes! I'm scared/nervous/anxious for her all at the same time. I'm not sure why I feel so strongly about her. She made her own choices, but at the same time, I feel like there are millions of people who would kill for just an ounce of the talent she once had and she chose to throw it all away. Sad.

My praise band rocked it out on Sunday - I was so proud of them.

Have I mentioned that I'm going to Worship Expo in September? Probably not, since I just got word that my church will pay for everything today. Sarah doesn't even know yet and she's getting online after me so she will read this and then say, "thanks a lot for telling me." She's lying in bed right now and I'm in the chair. I sorta want her to read it here first just to get a rise out of her. She won't mind though. She's going on a girls only trip to New Orleans in Oct. She's sick today. She sounds like there's about four cotton balls in her nose. Then she starts to make this weird, hacky throat noise that's followed by heavy breathing out of her mouth and a big nose sniff. It's awesome!

We still are doing no TV and I love it. I mean, am I becoming a bit nervous because there are several shows starting this week that I feel like I have to watch??? Yes! But, I've done so well, so I'm just going to go with the flow.

I also started back (strictly) on the weight watchers plan today. I've maintained my weight now for about three months and only gained 2 pounds back. I'm ready to take off another 30. We'll see how that goes because right now, I could eat an entire plate of brownies. Maybe I'm just supposed to be this size?

Is it wrong I wish tomorrow was Friday?

Tropical Storm Claudette aka light sprinkling storm Claudette made it's way through today. What a joke (although, if the Lord is reading this, please know that I'm in no way making fun of storms nor am I challenging you to create one that could cause great amounts of damage. I'm simply mocking every news outlet who feels the need to be "on location" for a summer sprinkling.)

I'd like to say that I'm slowly becoming more and more annoyed with facebook. The worst thing is all the people who use the status updates to indirectly brag. For example: "Today is going to be an awesome day. I'm headed out of town for a shopping getaway because the day to day tolls of building our dream home on seven acres of land is so tiring. I am so blessed to have the life I have!!!" Ummm, excuse me. Why don't you just say: "Hahahahaha. I'm building my dream house and you're not. And in the meantime, I'm going shopping because I'm board with construction stuff so all you people can just......." You know?

What else.......?

I think that's going to wrap it up for now. I'm glad to be home. I'm glad to see my family. I was glad to see my praise band and choir. I'm glad we're back in a regular routine.

Oh - I need a killer recipe for granola if anyone has one. But not one that has a ton of weird ingredients like flax seed and bulgar wheat. Just basic, but great flavor. Send it to me!

Peace out! (do people still say that? I think it's just me.)